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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Coral Expeditions’ Kimberley Cruise to star in new travel documentary

Expedition Kimberley to air nationally on Network Ten Sunday 11th February 2024

Coral Expeditions, Australia's pioneering expedition cruise company, invites travel lovers from across Australia to embark on a virtual adventure with its latest documentary, Expedition Kimberley. This short travel film showcases the iconic 10-night voyage traversing the remote Kimberley coast between Broome and Darwin onboard the Coral Discoverer, offering viewers a glimpse into this unique experience and landscape. The documentary, the first of a multi-part expedition series, will air on Network Ten at 3:30pm this Sunday, reaching audiences in the metro markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. For those who miss the broadcast or wish to relive the adventure, Expedition Kimberley will be available on TenPlay and the Coral Expeditions website afterwards. 

Key Highlights: 

Insights from Guests and Crew: The documentary offers unique perspectives from guests onboard discovering the Kimberley coast and expedition cruising for the first time. Viewers will gain valuable insights from Coral Expeditions' Australian crew, providing an understanding of the journey and a taste of the renowned experience awaiting explorers. 

Unveiling the Kimberley Coast: Expedition Kimberley captures the day-to-day itinerary of Coral Expeditions' 10-night Kimberley cruise, highlighting the unique experience and style of exploring this remote region on a small ship. Viewers will discover the power of nature at the magnificent King George River and its towering twin falls, explore ancient rock art with expert guides, and observe diverse marine life and cascading waters at Montgomery Reef. From the thrill of riding the Horizontal Falls in inflatable Zodiac tender vessels to the sunset drinks on Winyalkan beach with newfound friends, the documentary provides an authentic and inspiring representation of what future travellers can expect to experience. 

Capturing the wild and rugged landscape: The production captures visuals and stories that not only immerse viewers in the grandeur of the Kimberley landscapes but also take you on a journey of entertainment, education, and inspiration. This documentary promises to leave you with a new understanding of what it is to embark on an expedition cruise.  

Expedition Kimberley is an invitation to explore, discover, and connect with one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on earth. Whether you're a seasoned expedition cruiser or new to this style of travel, this film promises to ignite the spirit of adventure within you. This will be the first episode in a series of voyages offered by Coral Expeditions with the following episodes to focus on Tasmania, the Great Barrier Reef and the Cape York, Torres Straits and Arnhem Land regions. 

Click here to view the Trailer. 

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